Who the hell are
Studio Morfar?
We are a London based creative agency specialising in branding, design and advertising.

We’re also not half bad at animation, photography, videography, websites, illustration, installation design, festival activations and packaging.
What are we about?
We don’t sell bullshit to clients through wishy washy jargon.

We speak to humans like humans. Our clients speak to our creatives directly - no account managers or middlemen.

We don’t work with pricks.
We only work with nice people.
Morfar (Peter Edwards)
Why 'Morfar'?
Morfar is the Swedish word for 'Grandfather'.

When it came to the difficult task of finding a name that Torsten (founder of Studio Morfar) would never get sick of, he decided on naming the studio in memory of his own Morfar - an artist & designer himself and a hugely impactful figure on Torsten and many others' lives.

Peter Edwards
1937 - 2017
“The future of design is Studio Morfar.”
Reece Miller
Director | We Are Fstvl
"Studio Morfar have been absolutely outstanding. I cannot recommend them enough, my go to agency for all things design / creative."
Nick Bateson
Chief Hype Officer | HYPED London
“They blew us away with their ideas, style and wide skill range.”
Dan Benett
Creative Director | Just Catalyst